If in a Parallel Universe

if a me took every road proffered, and

if one day all those roads converged and

if each me pierced the veil between the worlds and

if we met face to face

what would be the sum of we

Old Adages have Rules (Haiku x 3)

some don’t know the rules
pay mind to what you are for
not what you’re against

minds don’t discern if
you want it or don’t want it
its focus is it

and it you will have
adages have earned their age
ever proving true.

Rushing through the days

count the moments

til tomorrow

it will be here

soon enough


count the days until winter

it will come in its

own time

none the sooner for

your worry


recall the past


call it back


change it


En Point

superoxide dismutase
épée – foil
focused synapse – volleys fired
warriors forth.


Immortal words

there are mouths and then there
are mouths and some
will talk for talking’s sake
of good or bad of true or not
and there are some who just forgot
and opened theirs when
they should not.

words are bombs
in the heat of moment they can fly
and the harm they cause goes
ever on
unlike men, words are immortal
they cannot die, only be forgiven



throughout the empty reach
of space
I reach
to catch the glimmer of a long
dead star
still shining down to reach
my eyes
and cause my mind to wonder
if somewhere in the infinite reach
of space
some child of mine as yet unborn
does reach
to catch the glimmer of a long
dead star
known to me
as sol


Keeper of the flame

she fans the embers
she, the keeper of the flame
our very life’s soul

no roaring fires here
mere flickers hither and yon
subtly safe from harm


Timing is everything

worthless or priceless
time, space, and need, decide it
coal or diamonds


I tried

she was many things
a free but troubled spirit
sunshine and dark clouds

I cleared her path of
stones and other harmful things
twas never enough


Which is the dream

each the other’s night
the life lived while real to one
just the other’s dream


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