A is for the Adventure I Embark Upon This Day.

A is for the Adventure I Embark Upon This Day.
(I missed the deadline for the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but I’m doing it anyhow.)

I’ve not blogged consistently for a while.  But I’m gearing and beginning again.  I’m embarking on a new adventure.  I’ve bid adieu to Dilbert’s world; claimed my entitlement which I am ‘entitled’ to; and I’m looking to the moment and the future.

At 5, I thought 60 was old. Now, at 64, not so much. I am sometimes utterly amazed that I’ve been on this planet so long. Lately, I’ve been pondering the next 3rd of my life. Yes, I think I’ll make it to ninety-something, but not as some dottie, but rather some doughty, old lady.

Surprising to me, I’ve become a woman of a certain age, and I’m still here.  So I a


sk, now what? I want to explore where I am; how I got here, and where I’m going as I enter the next third of my life.  I’ve lots of projects in process ready to launch mid to late April.

What better day than All Fools’ Day to begin, after all

Fools Rush In Where Angels…   (from 2012 Blogging from A-Z Challenge)

edges rough worn thin
mind that races rushes in
angels watch in awe

not quite sure they saw
halos doffed no wind for wings
grounded and unsure

© 6.23.12