H is for Hale and Hearty Health.

Day 8 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is H
H is for Hale and Hearty Health.

hale walks hand in hand
hearty steps up the walk’s pace
spring hopes winter waits

There is nothing so limiting to personal freedom as ill health, and in this land of the green runfree, the personal freedom of a truly healthy body is eroding at every turn.

Some may consider the phrase Hale and Hearty somewhat redundant.  I do not.  Although they both allude to the health of a person, their meanings are subtly different.

I think the sum says more than the parts about a person’s Health.

  • Hale – free from disease
  • Hearty – strong, exuberant, vigorous.
  • Health – the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor.

I’ve known more than a few people free from disease, who were not hearty.  Without the Hearty (strength, vigor…) there cannot be total health.

© Perle Champion