Writing to the rain

Writing and watching the rain just outside my window. Looking forward to doing this full time early 2013. Can’t wait until every day is spent here in my aerie being creative. Retiring from the day job by March 30.desk 12

All kinds of good things happening. The art is coming along, photography projects shaping up. But my first love, writing is finally taking shape. It’s a new world out there now that books have gone digital, and self-published is no longer a dirty word.

A year of posting poetry on my Blog has given me a poetry book. Years of journaling and getting journal entries published has helped with my journaling e-book. They both need a bit more polishing before I launch next them. Then there are the 2 novels I wrote during NaNoWriMo.

I would never have gotten this far with out help from the gentleman who created what he calls an ebook creator that is so easy.

If not for the free trial, I would never have tried it. I’ve bought a lot of such things only to be disappointed at how complicated they are, but I bought the whole thing before my 7-day free trial was over.

I only post links of things I like and use. When I review a book I like, I post its link to Amazon. Well I like this software and I’m posting joined up to post as an affiliate. Thing is, you can try it for free and say no thanks or, like me, say oh yeah an buy it. This guy is very service oriented, too. He has answered every email with complete answers and free tutorials to to other useful tools. I say I post links, I do on my Blogspot Blog (it is a mirror of this one) as WordPress doesn’t allow affiliate links. If you’re interested visit me at ‘perlesink.blogspot.com’ 12/10/12 post.