Z is for Za Zen Zoa (haiku)

Day 30 (final day) of Blogging from A to Z.
Today’s letter is Z.

Za Zen Zoa, we
on cushions voicing prayers
midst empty forests.

(c) Perle Champion.

Overcoming Blogger’s Block

Day 29 of Blogging from A to Z is a Sunday and according to the rules it’s a day off.  Tomorrow is Monday and the challenge ends with Z.  I’m pondering it.

I discovered blogging in 2007 when I, along with 400 other people, was laid off from Saks.  “Hey, I write every day in my journal, how hard can it be?”  I smugly thought until blogger’s block reared its ugly head.  Truth is, it is not as easy as I thought it would be, and not everything I write in my journal has any place in a public forum (amazing that some people don’t understand that).  And in the years since I began, I found it hard to post my blog on a regular basis.

But I realized something about myself.  I’m deadline driven, and I keep my word.  So I signed up January 1, 2012 to take the 365 day (plus 1 for leap year) blogging challenge.  In order to keep that commitment, I must post a blog by or before midnight each day.  I’ve posted a few only minutes before.  Right now as I type, it is 11pm and the minutes race ahead of me.

In April, I took the Blogging from A to Z challenge.  I figured, I’m committed to posting a blog a day anyway, let’s add a month with the alphabet as a prompt.  It’s working.

I may need to find a new series of prompts for the next 9 months of the year.

Writing is like any discipline.  The more you do it the more you can do it.

I’ve taken one page from a friend who used to work for a newspaper.  She had to write stories on demand on a daily basis.  There is no time to think, rethink or overthink.  You must simply make a decision, throw a rough draft on the page, hammer it out until it takes shape and get it done then move on to the next one.

I’ve taken another page from an on-line friend who said ‘give yourself permission to be mildly creative’.  That permission freed me to crank out the words.  Some will be true gems and that’s great, but some will be only mildly creative and that’s okay.

© Perle Champion

Y is for Yesterday’s Yarns Yield (haiku)

Today is day 28 of Blogging from to A to Z.

Yesterday’s yarns yield
morals for the day’s youthful
deaf ear and blind eye


X is for Xerophyte, Xeric and Xylem (haiku)

Day 27 of Blogging from A to Z. Today’s letter is X.

X is for Xerophyte, Xeric and Xylem



Meridies cloaked – gone

Xerophyte’s Dew kiss – Xeric

store and Xylem stash.

W is for Winter, wends, its way. (haiku)

Day 26 of Blogging from A to Z. Today’s letter is W.

Winter wends it’s way
succumbing to Spring clad arms
spent before Summer.


V is for Vast, Veiled, Vistas (haiku)

Day 25 of  Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is V

Desert’s vast vista

Runs beyond earth’s very curve

Veiled behind heat’s folds.


Undaunted Urban Urchin (haiku)

Day 24 of Blogging from A to Z. 

Today’s letter is U.


Undaunted urban

urchin cloaked in velvet night

moon’s light exposes.

Tease to Taunt to Terrorize

Day 23 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is T.

T is for Tease, Taunt, Terrorize. Just a few T words that all mean one thing – Bullying.

The bully’s excuse, “I was just teasing”,  is not longer acceptable.  It never was although school, parents, and students, society in general let it slide.

They all turned a blind eye.  No more.  Recognize it when you see it.  Take a stand, a loud vocal stand, against it.  Report it.

Teasing begets taunting begets terrorizing.


You’re an enemy
Of mine
So many things
Who’s pricetag you are
And time
You only stretch
So far
How many days
In how many ways
Have I willed you
You to stop and
Allow me to do
All the things
I must do
And leave time for
All the things I
Would do
Deaf ears your
Ears you
Hear me not at all

S is for safe and sound and secure

Day 21 of Blogging from A to Z. 

Today’s letter is S.

S is for safe and sound and secure.

I often wondered when I was young when people spoke of safe and sound and secure as if these were goals.

How many things did they miss out on because they were deemed unsafe.

How may jobs did they warn themselves and you away from because they were not secure.

How many lost out on sound through plain bad habits of excess.  That excess leading to ill health, and no body is safe and secure when it is no longer sound.


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