Sunday’s in the Kitchen

I spent Sunday in the Kitchen prepping things for the week.

Squeeze all the lemons; freeze in ice cube tray; put in Ziploc bags and store for fresh lemons whenever I need them for tea or water or a  cook-tuna-salad-3recipe.

I ran the Jalapenos thru the food processor; put them in a ziplock bag; press them flat (about 1/8th inch); seal and freeze. I break off a piece to make fresh salsa whenever I need it.

The 3 tomatoes that were too soft for much of anything, I through into a ziplock bag; sealed and threw into the freezer. I’ll pull them out for a sauce or soup some day. Frozen tomatoes are easy to peel and taste good in various recipes (not salsa).

Then, as I’ve too much to do the rest of the week, I made a double can tuna salad and stored it in a mason jar.  Recipe below.  I love tuna salad. I can put it on a cracker for a quick snack; make a sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes; put a scoop atop a salad for extra protein.  I’ve also take a cup and mix in some kind of binder like panko, ground oatmeal or flax (grind them in a coffee grinder); quinoa flakes.etc.; form into patties and fry in olive oil.  Oh, The salad lasts about a week, but it also freezes well which when thawed is good to make patties not as a salad. Yum.

I also put some navy beans in the crock pot to cook.  They are so handy for an impromptu humus, a pureed soup, chicken chili, mashed for a quesadillas, scattered atop a salad.  They also freeze well, although then they are only good for soup or to mash.

Tuna Salad

2 Cans Water packed Albacore Tuna well drained
2 Stalks Celery finely minced
3 small dill pickles minced
1 cup or minced bell peppers any and all colors (green, red, yellow…)
1 medium carrot (optional – I like lots of veggies) minced.
dash of cayenne (optional – I like spicy)
2 Tbs Mayonnaise
2 Tbs spicy mustard

Mix well; store firmly packed in tall mason jar. Lasts about a week.


How do I pick up the pieces?

I realized I’ve been absent from this Blog since August. Wow! I’ve been on social media, but mostly on my Iphone.  That said, I have been micro blogging via Instagram. Although I still write in my journal, I ‘ve somehow grown accustomed to typing quickly with a finger or two or a thumb in my phone’s Notes pad.

I then cut and paste into Instagram with a photo and voila, I’ve p
osted tgoddess-windowshere along with Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.  Color me lazy. Haven’t figured out how to get it to post to either of my Blogs yet.

I’ve also been in my studio painting.  But with that too, it’s easier to take a quick Iphone pic and upload on Instagram with a mini Bloggy post. The painting on the right sold almost as soon as I posted it. Loved it so much I’m going to do a series on the theme of alternative windows.

I’ve also been cooking and sharing pictures and recipes of the result, but and again instead of Blogging it as I used to do, it goes straight to Instagram. And as always, Jazzmine expects a bite of whatever I’m eating.img_3835

Now with a new year before me, and this most contested election behind me, I’ve decided to actually sit at my actual PC or alternately my Surface Tablet and post here at least once a week for starters.

Pretty much everywhere on social media I am Perle Champion.  But on Instagram I went with Perlesrose if anyone wants to follow me there.There’s an inside story to that handle. It is shortening of Perle alias Rose. Maybe I’ll tell it some day. ( )