All I want for Christmas – A Material Girl Moment.

Christmas cards are written, addressed, stamped and ready to go; a small token inserted in a few of them; will mail on Friday the 30th.

Now, in the tradition of Eartha Kitt’s ‘Santa Baby’, it’s time for my annual over-the-top, material-girl-moment, Santa’s lap wish list…

All I want for Christmas is
real pearls
real black pearls
a cameo or two or six
a long black silk nightgown
a black silk camisole or two
a pair of s
ilk 40’s style pajamas
anything silk
little black dress
black high tops stilettos
black cowboy boots

a black convertible
a Mercedes convertible

a personal trainer
a male personal trainer
a diamond ring for my right hand

a magnum of Veuve Clicquot
a case of Veuve Clicquot
a diamond ring for any hand
a large cozy country house
a country house at the beach
any large cozy house at the beach
a maid
obsession perfume

Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby

Christmas trees, holiday cards, Black Friday

Black Friday – The day after Thanksgiving – the single largest shopping day of the year – historically the day most retailers go well into the Black.  My main purchase is always Holiday cards and a this year I picked up a small token to insert into the card.

People will be out getting their Christmas tree and decorations. Thanksgiving day, mom had the kids, grandkids put up the tree, I watch and take pictures.

I don’t do the tree thing, and my blue party (xmas) lights stay up year round – homage to a ritual of mine and a friend now passed, Mark Roberts.  I’ searching for more of the blue icicle lights – they’re scarce this year, don’t know why.

The day after Thanksgiving is my day to write Holiday cards and letters.

pondering the end

that 2012 end of the Mayan calendar