A is for Ancient, Artifacts, Archaeology.

Day 1 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is A
A is for Ancient, Artifacts. Archeology

“The oldest known set of footprints… are 117,000 years old and thought to be those of a woman and possibly a child…” (New Scientist magazine, 31 January 1998)

I had and still have a fascination with ancient things, lives lived, and languages feetspoken. Knowing that things pass out of knowledge and leave only traces for us to piece together if we care haunted me as a child.

As a child I imagined myself to be an archeologist.  And although I was never encouraged in this dream for an adventurist future, I climbed all over the Sandia Mountains with my friends searching for artifacts.  I collected odd rocks with markings I imagined to be etched by some ancient woman late at night in her cave.  In my mind there was always the woman in the starring role – my dream, my way.

Reading that story in New Scientist Magazine in 1998, awakened that dreaming storytelling child and I wrote a small story called, Ancient Footsteps which found its way into an anthology.