Did you say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit?

Did you say, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit for luck this February 1, 2020?

And today is Imbolc aka candlemas on the Celtic calendar. It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings. Just as we prepare our gardens for spring.

It is the ‘quickening of the year’. The original word Imbolg means ‘in the belly’. All is pregnant and expectant – and only just visible if at all, like the gentle curve of a ‘just-showing’ pregnancy.

It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life’s insatiable appetite for rebirth.

Time for serious spring cleaning inside out.

**NOTE: “Rabbit rabbit rabbit” is a superstition found in Britain and N. America wherein a person says or repeats the word rabbit aloud upon waking on the first day of a month, to ensure good luck.

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