Just things

things pass from knowledge

the ways, calendars, ciphers

the truths of a time

without a context

just artifacts dug from dirt

puzzles to our eyes


there are ruts aplenty
in this world
and many frightened people
trodding them
never thought I’d be
one of them
but a moment’s
inattention and I fell in step
time to make a break


Done with mirrors

alter egos, shades

mirrored to infinity

dreams there and not there

shadows echo through

walking parallel paths

Falling Down

the sky is falling

her sky has fallen

all the fairytales held dear

all her castles in the air

are now nowhere

all the fairytales have

fallen down

from the sky

fallen down

and she could cry

innocence met with doom

reality came but all

too soon.

Where to go

she dug the hole deep
walls of dirt on every side
still, no place to hide



she’s feeling cornered

restless expectant feeling

runs instead of walks


to get there sooner

finding nothing worth the race

barren landscape waits


Yellow rose…

simple yellow rose
lay low the mighty soldier
praise sung by lone star



the priceless vase slipped
oh the pieces, the pieces
let it slip- grasp failed

oh where to begin
shards scattered in darkest night
too few pieces found


Red river running

the sun impaled on the
mountain’s spear
sent red rivers running down
his craggy face
swallowed greedily by
the deepening shadow below.


Poet’s lot

Poets doomed, entombed
prize covered promised coffin
mind soared now heart sore.


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