Wired for pleasure

wired for pleasure
drinking deeply wherever
verdant grasses grow

memory savors
ephemeral sensation
of bare feet on verge


If a tree falls…

there is a reason

diarists address entries

kitty – audience


however abstract

it matters that an ear hears

else trees fall unheard



folded hands facade
for distorted holy script
bigots masquerade

they shout fie heathen
burn the witches not our kind
religious bigots


Perchance to dream

beyond the thin pane

rain falls in steady rhythms

and my pen races


fresh Jack laced coffee

close at hand as my mind soars

giving form to dreams

Jade – character study

She wore black

a cat-suit with cloak;
a long skirt with boots;
black jeans and black silk poets blouse,
with no relief save a belt,
now gold, now silver.
her waist, so slender,
the glint of precious metal small relief
for such a somber canvas.
asked, she always replied the same,

“I wear my clothes, they don’t wear me.”.


days run together
denying that bothers
solves nothing at all

sameness hurts the flow
life stagnates souls do weather
springtime hie thee hence



nightly serenade
cicadas birds wind in trees
winter dead ahead


Spare change

day after day flown
recalled now as memories
caught in the mind’s eye

frivolously spent
from youth’s abundant pocket
mortality picks



tall pedestal child

no smaller now you are grown

yet earth is closer

Hold on

don’t complain never
explain nor say dreams out loud
winds blow them away


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