My familiar

the star-white cat she
preceded her every where
none dared cross her path

familiar to one
fearful unknown to others
dragon at earth’s edge


Edge of dream

she sat up amid
red silk startled from slumber
trying to hang on

to the edge of sleep
some important thought lurked there
moments then was gone

lost on waking like
errant remnants of a dream
fled beyond recall


Veils hide much

outside looking in
idyllic to naive eyes
but silhouettes lie

the soft glow misleads
softening real life’s edges
fall’s leaves veil winter


You can’t hide

we hide what we are

behind facades shown the world

it changes nothing

that thin armor can’t

keep all the torches at bay

the night hides the stake

Murder is murder

they slew we wyse
forged weapons of their god’s name
murder just the same


Grow old along with me

men go for hot cars
women go straight for their hair
midlife adventures


Winter’s coming

persephone’s gown
changes moment to moment
green to gold next brown

she readies herself
soon soon to descend the stair
to Charon’ ferry


Hope strewn like gems

lays of doom always
strew hints of hope like small gems
cardinals in winter

flower decked solstice
tree lighting darkest night
robins herald spring


One door closes…

endings beginnings
doors close and others open
leaves fall spring melts snow

Remembering 911

a moment ago

a lifetime ago death rained

from out of the blue

to think that sun-kissed

blue skies can still make me cry

for innocence lost

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