Fine wine

I would taste of you
deep as mountain spring water
vintage manly wine


Walking in the rain

walking in the rain
jumped in puddles, caught raindrops
on my tongue, got soaked
warm raindrops falling
lured me down from my aerie
’tis all just a tease


Words are jewels

pry gems from the ore
cut facets, polish, set, show
words strewn cross the page


Tuesday’s Child

Tuesdays child is full
of grace; this week I am she
magic surrounds me
money flows to me
everything falls into place
spring is poised to bloom


Pay Attention

daily history100_1452

swirls round us in time’s eddies

the pen is our net


paths endlessly forkS is for safe and sound and secure

our choices forge who we are

would we do better

or stop cold en route

given more time to ponder

insures us nothing

I walk in dreams

wisps of night fled dawn’s
stealthy step across the lawn’s
diadem strewn wood
i roam frost laced dreams
dancing with rainbow prisms
ephemeral gems


As you believe

they’re gossamer thin
veils that hang between the worlds
magic and muggle.

opaque to mundanes
clear as glass to magic sense
real ephemeral


Wear purple now

be eccentric now20121227-203625.jpg

wear purple polka dots stripes

run barefoot through rain

don’t wait for old age

they’ll just shake their heads and say

ah well, she’s just old

Use the nice sheets now

use the nice sheets nowJaz red 1

wear the fancy lingerie

now not some later

special occasion

with no name no time no date

funeral perhaps

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