Do you settle for lite or do you want the ‘real deal’?

Vindication. I’ve been seeing more and more print and tv  stories about ‘obesegens’.

Friends and family have long looked askance at certain of my so-called fetishes.

Long before the bad news started coming in about the artificial sweeteners, lite this and light that, I declared ‘Give me the Real Deal or No Deal.  I want real chocolate, real beer, real coffee, and a real Coke, and most definitely real cheese, etc.   Yes, I buy Lean Cuisine, but I remove it to a glass cooking dish with top and cook it in a real oven.

I’ve always refused to eat or drink from Styrofoam at all costs, and plastic as much as I can avoid it.  When my favorite Duke’s Mayonnaise (one of few I could find with no sugar added) went plastic, I stopped buying it and opted for an almost comparable albeit more expensive brand that still came in glass at Whole Foods. 

My friend asked what I’d do when they all come in plastic.  I’ll make my own from a Martha Stewart recipe, I told her.



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