Have you started working on those resolutions?

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

That’s the thing about resolutions, until you begin, you haven’t a chance of getting anything accomplished.

Trouble is, it is so easy to make the resolution, make the plan to accomplish it, to ponder the plan and refine the plan.  The difficult part is to start and then one step at a time keep moving.  If you mess up here and there along the way, no big deal.  The toddler falls and gets up and tries again.  Take a lesson from that.

So quit planning, from wherever you are, just begin.  Take baby steps until you can take bigger ones.  I’m talking to myself as much as you.  These daily blogs are my baby steps.

I’m taking the 365 Blog challenge.  I committed to posting one Blog a day for 2012.  Some will will be good, some not-so-much, but if I wait for each to be perfect, few would get done.

I don’t want to wake up in a year and look back at this day wishing I had started today.


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