Does anyone really enjoy jean shopping?

Arrrgh I have to go jean shopping today.  My only pair of blue, blue jeans have finally worn through in not so strategic places.  To wear them again, would be beyond un-PC and possibly considered indecent.

I own several pair jeans that survived the fire tucked away in a closet that only got smokey and soaked.  There are 5 pair of black Ralph Lauren – I love black and Ralph fits my shape.  But, I only had one pair of blue jeans.  They’re Jones NY.  As well as Ralph’s black jeans fit me, his blue ones do not – go figure

Knowing how styles and cuts of clothing change from year to year, I doubt if Jones will still fit like my old ones.  I’ve had them for almost 10 years.  I’m trying Jones first, but I don’t have my hopes up.   I’ll probably keep the old ones to run around the house.

So, sigh.  I have to go jean shopping today.  I’ve called Jane (mom) and I’m picking her up at noon; she is a shopping pro and when I ask “do these make me look fat, she’ll tell me the truth.  We’ll hit the Galleria for a 2-fer lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s and a glass or two of liquid courage for the task at hand.

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