Does Jazzmine talk to Sabrina’s ghost?

Jazzmine:  This time around, I’m a cat.  But this has not always been so.  I could tell you stories of who I was in past lives, but bragging about that is what brought me to this pass.  I’m told I abused my power over others, and so now I am a cat and at the mercy of this human world for food, shelter and more.

Actually, I lucked out yet again.  Initially born to a stray, along with a brother that ate most of the food the lady from ‘Save our Strays’ put in the cage for us and our mother, I was adopted by a lady with hair as black as mine.  As humans go, she’s not bad, and for the most part

Jazzmine:  I’m not the first and that’s a bitch.  Worse, still, I’ll never be able to live up to ‘Sabrina’.  I’ve heard her on the phone bemoan the loss of Sabrina, who lived past 23 – darned old for a cat.  You think I’m exaggerating; here’s what she said to her friend over wine.  I really miss Sabrina, she was an aristocat, Jasmine is a slut.  Maybe it’s the upbringing, Sabrina came from a large family of people and menagerie of animals.  Jazzmine came from Save our Strays.

Sabrina: Get over it.  At least you’re alive; you get the treats, the pats.  I’m a ghost and she doesn’t see me anymore except in memory.

Jazzmine:  Lucky her.

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