Happy Chinese New Year – Do you know your whole sign?

Pisces here with Sagittarius ascending (water & fire) unless I use the Chinese zodiac. 

Many websites determine a person’s Chinese horoscope animal sign by the Chinese New Year’s day or birth year which doesn’t tell the whole story.  A true Chinese horoscope puts more import on the month and day of your birth.

Born on February 23, 1949, my Chinese horoscope declares, “Perle is a Tiger (birth month) born in the year of the Ox on the day of the Green Monkey.”  I like the sound of that.  I mean who wants to be a plain old Ox?. 

In that same horoscope I had cast a few years back, I found a chart for my luck level.  Seems that from age 62 to 72 my luck should be at its peak – ‘make it so’, oh ‘make it so‘.


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