Friday! Let’s Party.

Life is about balance.  You’ve given work its due all week long.  Now it’s time to set it aside and get your due.  Stack it all neatly, post-it notes attached, a quick to-do list perched on top, power down the computer, check your work mindset at the door; turn off the lights and leave.

It will all still be there on Monday

The weekend is for family, friends and fun or just plain lying under a tree or basking in the sun or walking in the rain considering the forecast for tomorrow.

There’s lots to do in Birmingham, Alabama if you just peruse the Black & White and the Birmingham Weekly.

I’ve got my itinerary for tonight.  First stop is Forest Park for their monthly “Third Friday in Forest Park”.  All the shops and restaurants are open.  Check out Naked Art’s site for details – – Vero keeps everyone in the loop about her neck of the woods.

From there off to Daniel Day Gallery at 3025 6th Avenue S.  Melody and Daniel know how to have an art reception – Great art, food and music.

Well, soon as I post this, I’m powering down and I’m out of here – happy Friday y’all.

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