Daily Write.

The daily urge to write is one I must pretend some days for a while until it comes naturally – today is such a day.  I’ve committed to and will follow through posting a Blog a day for an entire year.  The challenge was posted on WordPress, but I’m simul-posting the identical post on Blogger and WordPress to see which one fares better out in the world.  Kind of like a dual experiment.

Seems all the other participants in the challenge have a focus, be it shoes, cooking, the ubiquitous weight loss, etc.  I don’t.  I’m a Jack or all master of none, but like the kid that learns to play an instrument, I’m practicing first this then that and hopefully my true love will show up.  I’m running scales that for me are words in all manner of configurations.   I’m hoping that as it did for my FB friend Ken, the daily writing will eventually lead me to my own focus.

For now it is enough just to write through to that magical place called flow, when ideas come so fast my pen’s speed is hard-pressed to get the words down.

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