5 May 2125 – From my Aerie (excerpt from wip)

Quothe Malory in the ‘before time’, in his Morte d’Arthur, “Morgan le Fay was not married, but put to school in a nunnery, where she became a great mistress of magic.”

A nunnery?  I think not.  Put to “School”, yes.  I can identify with that.  I was chosen and was put to school.  I was one in a long history of my kind – recognized at birth, sought out and nurtured by my own.  I was born in the year 2107 of Danai and Charon, an adept of the Wyse and the normal male who loved and married her against his families wishes.

On the day I was born, Nanna Seti came from The School and she talked to me mind to mind from that day forth.  My earliest memory was that soothing mind-touch, like cool water washing away all the hurtful noises.  Slowly, day by day, Nanna showed me how to build the shield that would serve me all my life.

It is her mind I remember as a warm blanket shielding me from all the thoughts from outside.  It is her teachings and stories I remember best, and her I regret most hurting in this stand I now take to take our story to the outside.  For it is she who brought me here.

I remember the day as t’were yesterday.  As I sit in this highest window of ‘The School’, in this my aerie, I remember.

I wonder if I am ready.  As I contemplate going out again into a world that views my kind askance, I am at once thrilled and not a little afraid.  I have become a mistress of magic, one of the Wyse, as have all of my kind since time out of mind.  But the time has come; the outside world beacons, and I have a plan.

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