It’s a dark and stormy night and I’m between the covers of a good book.

It’s a dark and stormy night, and I’ve no time to write.  I’m reading. 

It’s just a bit of mind candy, and so perfect as the storm tries to batter its way through the plastic that covers my screened in balcony in winter.

I’ve a glass of wine at hand and Jazmine is purring on the back hump on this cushy loveseat that makes my balcony a sort of den.

The chanteuse of the moment, Adell’s dulcet tones waft out from the living room.

Between the covers, Lacey’s ex-lover Cole, falsely accused of murder has just tossed her over his shoulder as he escapes custody and flees Sagebursh.

Current lover, Vic is left in the dust as she revisits feelings long buried.

I’ve taken a minute to dash this off, because I must keep my resolution to post a blog a day come hell, highwater or indifference.  I will keep this resolution if not the one to lose 40 pounds.  I will, I will.

Do not misunderstand, Byerrum’s Crimes of Fashion mystery series is not a romance.  She’s in the same category as Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series or Laura Childs’s Scrapbooking Mysteries – their cozies.

All books have their place and I read almost anything.  I read around – from science fiction to science fact and theory, biography, history, mystery, fantasy and horror.  I’ll post a reading list some day soon.

But for tonight it’s Death on Heels by Ellen Byerrum that has my attention.  I’ll read it in a single sitting like a sumptuous bite of good dark chocolate.  The kind that goes so well with red wine.

So, I wish y’all as pleasant ‘a dark and stormy night’ as I’m having.  Gotta run now, Lacey’s on the tracks.


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