RIP my dear friend Snoopy

Joyce Norman’s Writing mini seminar.  3/17/12 – Writing prompt
Write a eulogy for a favorite Comic Strip or Cartoon Character.

Here’s Mine

The dark and story night he had written of so often got him Tuesday last.  While our dear friend Snoopy sat atop his doghouse rooftop typing away, the clouds crept in unseen in the dark night, and a stray bolt of lightening took that sweet Beagle from us forever.

He didn’t just write on the page.  He was want to entertain us with his flights of fancy by acting out his stories.

Who can forget Joe Cool with dark beat glasses and insouciant attitude, or the WWI flying ace taking on the red scarf flying out behind his determined countenance with aviator goggles pulled tight.

He was a friend to the peanuts gang as well as the feathered flock of Woodstock.

He was a friend o mine as well.

I shall miss him dearly – no more stories, only good memories.

I am gladdened that if he had to go, he went out in style – atop his rooftop banging away at the keys on a dark and stormy and night

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