Some things are meant to burn.

My candles are lit, as I celebrate the turning of the wheel of life, and greet Persephone as she ascends from the dark lord’s keep.  It’s time to welcome spring with small ritual.

I don’t understand people who buy gorgeous candles and never light them.  What’s the point?  I remember a gathering at Thanksgiving dinner a year or so back, we gathered at table and after in the living room.  There were lovely candles on the table in candelabra, and a lovely arrangement on the ornate coffee table complete with large candles.

I asked who was going to light the candles, and was politely told. “Oh no, we never light the good ones.  They’re just for looks.”  I was astonished, but as a good guest asked no further.

Can a candle be called a candle if it’s never allowed to burn brightly. I don’t believe so.


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