Do’s & Don’t’s – Day three with the knee.

Thing about doctor’s orders is most of them begin with don’t.  Don’t stand too long. Don’t walk too much just to the restroom and back or the kitchen and back.  Don’t shower until you take the bandage off.  Don’t take the bandage off for 72 hours.  Don’t sit with you leg down.

And the Do’s aren’t much better.  Elevate your leg everytime you sit down.  Sit down as often as you can…

Missed out on the Energen’ closing ceremonies for their annual art competition today.  Going would have violated several do’s and don’ts beginning with descending 40 steps to the street, a lot of standing and no place to sit and elevate the leg and no icepack to apply to the swollen knee.

Sigh.  I was so looking forward to viewing some great art, eating Chef Clayton’s excellent food, sipping wine and catching up with some of my artist friends.

I had rsvp’d for three, but I sent my Mom and brother Billy off on their own and here I sat with cheese and crackers, wine (ttg), reading Guardian of the Horizon on my balcony.

This too shall pass, and there’ll be other parties, and I did enjoy the gorgeous Spring day and a brilliant sunset.

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