How many journals do you keep?

The Journal has many incarnations.  I have a gratitude journal by my bedside I write in before lights out.  I list at lease 5 things I’m grateful for that day.  We forget sometimes just how much we have and too often dwell on what we don’t.  This is a daily reminder.

I have a which goes on top of the gratitude journal.  It’s in reach so on waking, I can capture the dream before the busy day takes it away.  Dreams are important and if you pay attention, they tell you a lot about your now and possibly your future.

Currently, I’ve started a Vision Journal.  Kind of like a Vision Board.  Problem with a vision board is it’s large and stationary and static.  A vision journal is portable.  You can carry it anywhere and it has so many pages to paste pictures in and write your visions on.

You’ll need a blank book for this, scissors, rubber cement and a stack of old magazines to start with.  You can go on the internet and download pictures as well, but I so love the act of cutting and pasting.  When you see an image that calls your name; one that makes you say, yes.  That is me.  I want that. I am that.  Cut it out, put it in the book.

That’s how you begin.  Then daily you peruse the book, imagine yourself in each of the pictures.  Let your subconscious mind do the rest.

You have nothing to lose; everything to gain; and besides that, it’s fun.



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