R is for reason, raison d’etre, rationalization

Day 20 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is R.

R is for reason, raison d’etre, rationalization.

People always have reasons for the things they do. It’s a need to find that reason, a Raison d’etra.  But when they cross the line to rationalization, therein lies the problem.

That process is rampant throughout the darker times in the  history of our planet, from tyrants, to despots to the church.  Yes, the church – think crusades, inquisition, slavery, native Americans, and every other intolerance of those who do not follow a particular belief.

Q is for quest and quixotic quodlibet (Haiku in 10 words)

Day 19 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is Q.

Q is for quest and quixotic quodlibet


En Garde

Quixotic quodlibet

magic surreal encounter

Windwhipped flame

eternal, finite quest.

P is for painted poses and photos

Day 18 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is P

P is for painted poses and photos.

I’ve painted pictures of myself and posed next to one in profile for a photograph.

I’ve posed for photographs before there was color film, and the photographer would paint by hand all the colors of me and my Easter dress and hat.

I’ve posed for paintings done by others, but by far my favorite poses are of me with painted face. 


Every year all the shops at PepperPlace host a Christmas open house.  My favorite face artist is always there, and I am always first in line.

O is for onomatopoeia, onomatopoetic, onomato

This if the 17 day of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s Letter is O 

O is for onomatopoeia, onomatopoetic, onomato 

The root word onomato  means name joined to poieîn,  we have to make names.  The very word onomatopoeia or my preferred form,  onomatopoetic because sometimes the words are poetic,  refers to those words that were made up to emulate the sounds of things.

I prefer the form onomatopoetic, because at least in some languages, the words are more poetic to my ear.  They conform to some  linguistic system they are part of;  so although a clock may sound  tick tock in English, it is dī dā in Mandarin, or katchin katchin in Japanese.

But back to plain ole, if not so poetic, onomatopoeic words here in the US;  oink, oink, sounds the pig, and Batman and Robin utter oof and ow when hit by ‘Pow!”


N is for Nascent, Neophyte, Novice (Haiku)

Day 16 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is N.

Nascent, Neophyte, Novice

Nee, star at nadir

Poised to streak cross the heavens.

Taxes and Fish Berry Jam

Sunday started out well.  It would take more than taxes to keep me from having my Sunday ritual.  I rose at sunup, put the coffee on and walked to the corner store for my Sunday paper (the knee is healing nicely).  I could smell the coffee from the street before I opened the door.

I like to half listen/ half watch GMA, Today and CBS Sunday Morning.  The beauty of having a small TV is I can turn it toward the balcony door and watch from my aerie to accompaniment of nature waking

But the taxes were an ominous cloud on an otherwise perfect day.  I sat and cranked up the computer, only to have the printer fail with the first document.  No time to diddle with the thing – I called then went to WalMart to get another one ($38), and back to work.  What a pain.

I turned the TV toward my office, put on the first movie “Independence Day”, opened a bottle of champagne after the last of the coffee was gone, mixed it with OJ and lots of ice.  That was around noon.  Several movies later, (Sleepless in Seattle, Tomb Raider, ST Insurrection…) and a lunch of cheese and crackers chased by watered down mimosas, I am finished.

I just printed the last of the forms and neatly done.  Thanks to Joyce at HR Block, who although too busy to do it for me gave me some pointers and advice that will hopefully save me from audit..

If it doesn’t, such is life.  I’ll cross that bridge if I must.  For now, I’m pouring myself a glass of straight champagne and dinner will be more crackers slathered with butter and piled high with ‘fish berry jam’.


M is for Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, mother of the Muses.

Day 14 of blogging from A to Z. Today’s letter is M.

M is for Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, mother of the Muses.

Memory is mysterious.  Is it any wonder it was personified by the Greeks.  Sometimes Mnemosyne wakens to music –  I hear a certain song, piano or guitar riff, and I remember a time and place, a love, a loss, a triumph, a failure. An aroma transports me to Mrs. B’s kitchen in the Wadenhoe House in 1956 England.

We don’t really know where memory lives.  Is it in our mind, or our very flesh?  People who get transplants report having memories that are not theirs; feelings odd to their remembered life experience.

Mnemosyne is a comfort and a bane, depending on the circumstance.  I so appreciate her when an old song plays and she takes me back to forgotten times, places, loves..

L is for Longfellow’s Legendary, Lengthy Lay

Day 13 of Blogging from A to Z. Today’s letter is L 

L is for Longfellow’s legendary, lengthy lay written 150 years ago today (more or less).

It is still recited in schools.  One of the most famous narrative poems in  American literature, it made a part of history more famous that it would ordinarily have been.

Oh, the power of the pen – as mighty as any sword.   Longfellow, the bard – the paparazzi of his time wielded it well.

Who in the world doesn’t instantly recognize the  name Paul Revere? Who hasn’t heard the phrase ” the shot heard round the world?

More than that, who in this country doesn’t appreciate Revere and others, who each in their own way, won for us one of the most enviable ways of life on this earth?

K is for Ken which goes beyond Kith and Kin.

Day 12 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is K 

K is for Ken which goes beyond Kith and Kin.

Kith and Kin, originally our land and people – now family, are a package deal.  There is no choice involved unless you consider the reincarnationist belief that the soul chooses to whom it is reborn.  But as at birth, the soul promptly forgets that choice however good or arbitrary, the belief is moot.  Our kith and kin for good or ill are ours.

Ah, but ken.  That is a different story.  Here choice enters in, and a large part of who we are is informed by the choices we make.

There are those people we meet in life that we instantly recognize as a kindred soul.  You know them; they know you.  You share a vision of the universe and fall in step for a time or forever.  That is ken.

J is for Jembe Jadding for Jade (haiku)

Day 11 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is J.


J is for Jembe Jadding for Jade (haiku)


Primitive Jembe

in hand just jadding for jade

winter’s ground yields not.

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