A is for able, ambulatory, agile…

NOTE:  It’s not enough I took the Blog 365 Challenge to post daily, I signed up at midnight last night for the April A-Z Blog Challenge and will work my way thru the alphabet with a daily post thru April.

Here Goes.

A is for able, ambulatory, agile and so many more things we miss, when we suddenly they’re taken from us.  I’ve always taken each of these for granted.

My recent meniscus surgery took them from me for a few days. It was a minor arthroscopic procedure on the knee, but suddenly I was no longer so able, marginally ambulatory and most definitely not agile.

I’m on the mend now, and I’m able and ambulatory again – taking the stairs unaided instead of one unsteady step at a time with the help of my daddy’s cane.

Ah, but agile needs work.



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