H is for Horehound Candy, Horehound Herb, and Horehound Music

Day 9 of Blogging from A to Z and the letter is H.

H is for Horehound Candy, Horehound Herb and Horehound Music.  I remember Horehound candy, but never knew it was a herb much less a music album.  Thanks to Google, I do now.

I remember sucking on horehound candy sticks, which taste like root beer.  I always liked root beer and as I child I liked candy as well.  Now not so much.  Sugar is so un-PC these days and I’ve lost the taste for it.

Seems the Horehound herb can be brewed into a rather nasty tasting tea, but as it’s a good expectorant and very helpful in getting through a bad cold or the flu, you can hold your nose and take the dose and be done with it.  Think I’ll pass on that one, my colds are years apart anyway.

But Horehound music? Actually Horehound is the name of an album by The Dead Weather out of Nashville.

I’m not sure what possessed this 4-some to name the album Horehound, there doesn’t appear to be a single title on it that has anything to do with the herb, the candy, or the tea.

Oh, well, that’s H out of the way, moving on to ‘I” and I haven’t a clue.

Hasta la huego, y’all


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