L is for Longfellow’s Legendary, Lengthy Lay

Day 13 of Blogging from A to Z. Today’s letter is L 

L is for Longfellow’s legendary, lengthy lay written 150 years ago today (more or less).

It is still recited in schools.  One of the most famous narrative poems in  American literature, it made a part of history more famous that it would ordinarily have been.

Oh, the power of the pen – as mighty as any sword.   Longfellow, the bard – the paparazzi of his time wielded it well.

Who in the world doesn’t instantly recognize the  name Paul Revere? Who hasn’t heard the phrase ” the shot heard round the world?

More than that, who in this country doesn’t appreciate Revere and others, who each in their own way, won for us one of the most enviable ways of life on this earth?

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