Reading ARC’s

For those that don’t know, an ARC is an advanced reading copy of a book that isn’t out yet to the general public; it’s free if you have the right contacts, which I do.

Worth reading is Moonbird by Phillip Hoose scheduled for 7-17-12.  Imagine a little bird barely 4ozs in weight that has lived for over 20 years and logged over 325,000 miles in his lifetime.  Every March he migrates from Argentina to his breeding grounds in the Canadian Acrtic – that’s 9000 miles one-way. A human’s marathon pales in comparison,

Told and imagined through the eyes of the people who study these birds and their migratory patterns while fighting to to preserve the fast disappearing feeding grounds that enable their lives.  In the words of my beloved Spock – ‘Fascinating’.

Other books await, but next up is the one I picked up at the library today, The Blood of Heroes – the 13-day struggle for the Alamo and the sacrifice that forged a Nation by James Donovan.  Hey, what can I say, wherever in the world I hang my hat, I’m a Texan.

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