In this parallel we dream on

Solstice came and went this shortest day, now longest night, and wDSCF0014e are still here.  The dread event deflected by concerted thought of certain minds with certain powers, and the world will never know the truth.

One Mayan Bactun ended and it did not bring the end of time nor life on earth, but for me it is the death of things as they are now.  I’m moving on to uncharted waters in 2013.

I’ve prepared this evening’s candles and writ a simple invocation, née petition, née spell, for prophetic dreams of the path that lies ahead for me.

I am one with the uni verse – See me.

Let me slip easily into the stream of time – Hear me.

Let me acknowledge my past, and accept my now – Help me.

Let me see in dream a little of my path ahead – Grant me.

That given time to contemplate, I may make better choices – Guide me.

As I give myself up to the I am and slip into dream. Protect me.

So mote it be.


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