Farewell and hail

The one resolution i swore to keep was the 2012 WordPress 365 blog challenge – 366 as it was leap year – and with this post I’ve accomplished it.

— the finish line reached
resolution accomplished
penned one post a day

I pull once again an old poem from my archives which speaks to me now, as it did when I wrote it so many years ago.

Old Year, New Year.

Old and gray – tired and worn
many died – more were born
much was said – so little done
with the rising and setting of each sun.

Farewell to thee with tears we say
and greet the new with laughter gay

So much could, should, would have done
but alas, I’d just begun and the year was gone.

And so, today I make firm resolution
to do much more by new year’s conclusion.

© Perle Champion

Happy New Year Y’all.


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