63 Days & Counting

my future rides the night wind
ruffles curtains, caresses skin
whispers promises at the edge of dream
leaving traces of something almost seen
I wrote this poem, long before this journey began in earnest.  I knew then, that I wasn’t following full time, my bliss.  Pulled in so many directions by an exceptional (modern terminology for lots of problems) child.  It was necessary to have the best job with great insurance and live in the best neighborhood with the best schools with special education programs.  After that, a husband with cancer…I won’t belabor the point – I’m sure you get it and I’m not the only one that works the 8-5 and then some to provide for family.
Well those days are long gone and I somehow stayed in that rut.
No more.  It is so time to move on.
I planned this once before (the poem above was written in 2007), but somehow I got sidetracked – not this time.  I’m exploring the dreams that still whisper in my ear, and giving them form, so it is no longer ephemeral.  I’m making ‘real’ plan for the real change that once ‘rode the night wind’.


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  1. lydiaa5656
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 22:18:15

    I stack my bet on the open sentence, closing with “leaving traces of something almost seem”, very much entrancing.



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