Lacuna, Hiatus, Break ends today

Friday February 15 – 10 days yesterday since my last post.  I just decided that I’d proven to myself what I needed to prove.  It started with the January 1 commitment to myself that I could write and post a blog every day for a year.  That I could write on demand without a thought in my head as to what that writing would contain.

I found poetry came easier than much else, and haiku demanded I be brief.  Some were successful, some banal, some just utilitarian.

Thing is I took a lesson from an on-line friend who used to have a blog called Mildly Creative.   He said it’s okay to be mildly creative.I'm counting down - 62 days to go.

I read that and looked around and found what I already know. Not all that is published by anyone is all pure gold, some is mediocre, some down right bad.  It’s okay to be mildly creative.  The thing is to continue creating.

I’m leaving the day job March 29, for my home office studio.  I’ve been planning, painting, drawing and writing (not blogging).

With this post, I’m back.  There’ll be some poetry, some paintings and updates on my journey through this my 64th year.

  • Three-page mini-website is up and I’m working on the full blown one.
  • E-book on journaling and publishing from the pages of your journal is almost finished and I should launch it late March/early April.
  • Poetry e-book is taking shape.IMG_2098[1]
  • Nostalgia essay under consideration at Victoria Magazine.
  • More to come…

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