The DMV Declared me a Blonde

I needed to renew my license this month but with all the Jefferson County satellites closed, the thought of standing in line for more hours than the 2 hour limit on the parking meter did not appeal  to me.

Fortunately, there is an option – thank you Google.  Unlike car tags that have to be purchased in the county of residence, a driver’s license has no such county designation, so I went to Shelby County’s office in the Inverness Corners Shopping Center.  It’s on the corner of Hwy 280 and Valleydale Rd.   100_4064

My Mom and I arrived at 10:30 Monday morning and were both out by 11:00.  With only one smiling, polite and very efficient clerk, it was a piece of cake.  The line moved quickly and efficiently.

The lady at the desk asked me if everything was the same, then looked up and said “except your hair.  Think we need to change that to blonde?”

facebook perle 3  “Actually, I’m about 75 to 80 % white now, and I’ve been lightening it to blend with those shiny white roots.  I am so tired of dying it my natural jet black only to see roots in a week.”

Looking at me, she smiled, cocked her head and said, “looks blonde to me.” I nodded.   She typed it in, hit print, said sign here and it was official.  The Alabama DMV declared me a blonde.

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