I’m Ready for NaNoWriMo.

It’s all Hallow’s e’en; my altar’s candle is lit; the aroma of incense mixes oddly with aroma of dinner in the oven and wafts through the apartment and out to the warm Fall evening air.

There’s a moonless night beyond my aerie’s window, and I’ve written the title of my Book on P1000799page one of my notebook. That’s all I’m allowed to write before midnight by the rules for my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writering Month).

Yes, I write all my first drafts stream-of-consciousness by hand on a 5×8 black spiral notebook (the same kind I journal on). I have refills ready for my favorite gold PC pen.  Each notebook can hold roughly 28,000 words, so two should be sufficient (I have 4).

I may actually begin writing tonight at midnight:01, then again I may begin early tomorrow after my 5 a.m. walk.

I usually write early when the muse is fresh.  I transcribe later in the day IMG_2330[1]into msword. I find this process adds an extra hundred words or so to my daily word count and effortlessly produces a better second draft.

For now, the kitchen timer is telling me my dinner is ready. I’ll pour a glass of Cabernet and eat my dinner as I watch a rerun of Downton Abbey to get in an English mood for my NaNo Novel based in England.

More tomorrow as I’m also doing the odd spin off called NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and I’ll be posting a Blog a day.  Yep, glutton for punishment here.

Night y’all.



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