Day 19 Another 3500+ words & 1 Blog Today NaNo / NaBlo

Day 19 of NaNoWriMo Wordcount 34,710/ NaBloPoMo (19 for 19) 

Tuesday and the writing is going smoothly. At this pace, I will cross the 50,000 word finish line before this time next week.  I sit and write every morning before I let the household chores that literally shout to be done get through to me.

No company coming until next week, so I’m letting some things go.  I really should have bought more box food (lean cuisine are my fav).  Cooking from scratch, which is my usual modus operandi, is a messy business and the kitchen currently is messier than my messy brother or dead ex’s ever was.  Sigh.  I’ll have to tune in the Doctor’s at 2 in the kitchen to entertain me as I plow thru the dirty dishes, as it will probably take an hour to restore order.

Tonight, it’ll be Stouffer’s Spinach soufflé and a glass of red wine.  That’ll be just one baking dish, fork and glass.  I only cook in glass and in a real oven, so I remove the food from it’s supposed safe container into my covered glass dish and put it in my oven at 350.

While the soufflé cooks for about an hour, I’ll sip my first glass of cabernet and print out my day’s scribbling.  It helps me to know where I left off and get a feel for my story’s trajectory, and I might even start writing longhand toward tomorrows souffle n winewordcount.

Excerpt from Murder is a Primary Color:
Playing just a stray 

Brie mewed at the back door and was answered by the cook. “Oh, and what have we here?  Well aren’t you the pretty one? Jenna, look-it this pretty white puff ball.  Purr, is it?  I bet you want a bite don’t you love?”

Brie preened and postured and walked right up to the cook and looked up into kind the brown hooded eyes and then turned to the maid and looked and meowed again.  Hmmm she thought – open as open could be, and they like cats too, she mused as she looked at the generous plate the cook set before her.  A coldness entered the far door in the form of a male human just as she was inspecting the cook’s offerings.

“What is this?”  He scowled in Brie’s direction.  She felt the cold icy closedness of his essence, and resisted the urge to look him in the eye.  He must not know she is more than just a stray cat.  She blithely ignored him and gave full attention to the plate before her, eating with well-feigned relish as she thought a hungry stray would.

“Oh sir, just a stray kit come to the back door.  We’re just givin’ her a few scraps.”

“Hmph”, he continued to stare at Brie, “She doesn’t look like much of a stray to me.”

Brie purred at him and then risked it all.  She purred loudly and turned her sliver green eyes to look into the black heavy hooded slits that stared at her with such dislike.  Brie maintained her blank cat, just a cat facade of mind.  The human relaxed a little, but his thought reached her, as he turned to talk to the cook, she could momentarily see the mind behind the eyes.  It was black and swirling and murky.  Brie shivered inwardly, she dare not let her findings register.  This was unlike anything she had ever met. 

As the cook examined the menu he had handed her for tonight’s dinner, Brie swiftly exited and was gone before they turned. 

“Curious,” the cook mumbled, as she closed the door carefully leaving the food outside, “I’ll just leave it in case the kit comes back.”

Brie took to the large old Magnolia outside and climbed to where she knew Jadeah waited.  She leaped onto the sill and through the window and landed silently, a puff of star-white fur on a stark white carpet.

James started and looked at Jade, but she was deep in meditation as she gazed at thebrie sabrina w jade 2 box before her.  Jade was aware of Brie and waited as the cat gracefully leaped again onto the chair opposite her, circled once then sat sphinx-like, paws forward, eyes alert and ready to protect.  “Hello, old woman,”  Jade smiled and eyes met eyes that blinked once in acknowledgement.

I am safe now, Jade thought.  Well Brie, here we go.

Mañana y’all.

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