Grateful NaNoWriMo is over for me & I’ve got a good first draft

Finished NaNoWriMo yesterday – Wordcount 51,414/ NaBloPoMo continues (25 for 25) 

I am grateful that NaNoWriMo is over for me for this year, and I have accomplished my objective.  I’ve got a first draft with an ending that leaves room for a sequel.  As I do with any written thing I’m working on, I’ll be printing it out double spaced with wide margins and putting it on my favorite blue Lucite clipboard.  I’ll let it lie until after Thanksgiving when I can take a red pen to it a little more objectively.  I’ll probably email it to the UPS store for printing as it’s less expensive than using up my own printer ink. desk edit 2

As mentioned yesterday, I’m shifting gears to other projects, although I’ll continue the blog a day thru November 30.

John Archibald mentioned he’s working on a gratitude post the Thanksgiving Day which got me to remembering various blog posts and published essays of my own on that very topic.

I might do the same, but as Thanksgiving falls on throwback Thursday, I planned on reposting an essay on gratitude I originally published in 2009 on the now defunct PavoMag.  I’ll see what time permits.

Mañana y’all.

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