P is for Praise of Penned Paeans

Day 16 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is P

P is for Praise of Penned Paeans

praise for the paeans penned
by women through time gifting
us our history

© Perle Champion

Perusing the southern history room of Birmingham’s Linn Henley Library downtown is an experience thatdesk by window cropped I savor.

The collection contains diaries, letters, photographs, financial records, news clippings, slave records and other materials documenting several generations of unembellished real life of the families that make these United States what they are today.

Much of the correspondence and journals were generated by the women of the family. It is here that we can fill in the blanks omitted as unimportant by the writers of our history books.

One quote that shines in my memory was from a young wife’s diary.  Long before MLK was born, she wrote, “Free at last, free at last – thank god I’m free at last.”  She wrote this on the day the first trolleys hit the streets of Birmingham.  Now she could go about her errands without waiting for her husband to drive her.  I kick myself daily for being in such a hurry that day that I did not write down her name or get a copy of the entry.  Turns out the diaries were on lone by a family and had been returned. Hindsight.


Oddly Opalescent Opaleye

Day 17 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is O

Oddly Opalescent Opaleye

opalescent eyes
reflect fresh blood stains upon
nature’s own buffet

© Perle Champion


So many of todragon 22day’s myths were once legend, and I wonder if they have a basis in some ancient past.  I wonder if real dragons once roamed the earth.  Did the story of dragons begin with the sighting of dinosaurs? Did the story get passed down through oral history through the generations?  We’ll never know for sure, but I choose to believe that in some way they once shared our earth.

The Opaleye is a medium-sized dragon, often weighing 2-3 tonnes. It was iridescent, pearly scales and pupil-less eyes that match, making it widely known as the most beautiful dragon around. It is not incredibly aggressive and produces a scarlet flame. Opaleyes prefer to eat sheep.* http://www.hp-lexicon.org/bestiary/dragons.html

N is for Nature’s Nascent Nacre

Day 14 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is N

N is for Nature’s Nascent Nacre

nascent nacre balm
a creature’s comfort failing is
man’s unlikely gem

© Perle Championperles pearls

Nature’s Nascent Nacre, is a balm that provides some short-lived ease to the oyster while it lives.  Unfortunately, as with many of nature’s wonders, man put a price on the unlikely gems, and killed to find their prize.

Now that pearls are farmed, it’s perhaps a bit more humane, than murdering thousands to find very few natural pearls, but not much. (see PETA excerpt below)

© Perle Champion


This from Peta:

Culturing involves surgically opening each oyster shell and inserting an irritant in the oyster. Freshwater pearls are cultured by inserting another oyster’s mantle tissue. Saltwater pearls have beads and another oyster’s mollusk tissue inserted. Fewer than half of the oysters may survive this process.

Cultivators further stress the oysters by suspending them in water in a cage, washing their shells, moving them around in different waters, and raising and lowering their cages to subject them to changing water temperatures.

After the pearls are extracted from the oysters, one-third of oysters are “recycled” and put through the culturing process again. The others are killed and discarded.

For those concerned about the environment, there is another reason to avoid pearls. Aquaculture has contributed to destruction of natural pearl oyster beds from pollution and overharvesting.

Of course, with so many modern pearl imitations, as well as other kinds of jewelry, it’s easy to do without pearls.

M is for Meridies & Mass Malaise

Day 13 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is M

M is for Meridies & Mass Malaise

meridies hidden
‘neath a cloak of mass malaisepowder sun 8
shrouded souls cower

© Perle Champion


L is for Luminous Ley Lines

Day 14 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is L
L is for Luminous Ley Lines

ley lines luminous
strands that lie across the land
nature’s subtle weave


moon trees


Sunday and Spring is Sprung at Last

Spring is a season that evokes expectations and its delay has been keenly felt.  Life appears to have been on hold as Winter would not release its grip even this far south. But the dark lord has at last relented and once again:

Persephone preens yellow bush flower
impatient to climb the stair
to sunshine and air

I’m ready, too. The lengthening days tease me with the promise of green growing things held tight in the bud.


flower early daffodil









purple flower tree


tree flowers





K is for Kabballist, Kachina, and Ken.

Day 12 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is K
K is for Kabballist, Kachina, and Ken.

Kabbalist Ken to the Kachina

such unlikely ken
Kabbalist and Kachina
no bonds on seekers

no bounds to knowledge
different paths yet the same
universe sees all

There are many paths upon this planet in this our universe. It’s a shame that too many seekers deny another’s right to their own path.  Through time out of mind, wars are declared in this or 20120511-203423.jpgthat god’s name.

Cultures fall and disappear, stamped out by fearful of another belief.  ‘My way or no way,’ they declare as they torture, murder and maim others into submission.

How many atrocities have been committed in the name of ‘god’?  Pascal was right –

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

© Perle Champion


Kabbalist –A traditional Kabbalist carries the personally handed down teachings of the Kabalah, which he/she will in turn personally pass on.  The Kaballah is a compilation of the basic truths of the Universe.

Kachinas – Spirit in human form, become masked dancers during Native American religious ceremony who hold knowledge which is imparted to the people through oral tradition.

Ken – knowledge, understanding or cognizance, mental perception, vision, consciousness; also to teach, direct or guide someone.

J is for Jogum, Joss, and Jolt

Day 11 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is J
J is for Jogum, Joss, Jolt

Shed the Jogum, with Joss or Jolt.

jogum hindered soul
blindly plodding rutted paths
needing joss or jolt

escapes’ only hope
events unknown luck unseen
nature’s buds abide

Jogum in Latin means yoke. There are many kinds of yokes not readily discernable: jobs, marriages, and friendships, to name a few.white flower 3

Sometimes the Jogum can be dislodged by a jolt such as betrayal by a trusted friend, the infidelity of a spouse.

A hated job sometimes needs more than a jolt; it takes a little Joss.

© Perle Champion

Jugum – mid 19th century from Latin, literally meaning ‘yoke.’; also a connecting ridge or projection

Jolt – To move or dislodge with a sudden, hard blow; strike heavily or jarringly

Joss – Chinese idol also meaning luck.

I is for Id, the Isle of I.

Day 9 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is I
I is for Id, the Isle of I.

Id, unaware struts
thinking it stands all alone
a singular isle

such wrong conceit self
centered thought denies that earth
revolves round the sun

We are islands.  But just as the sea laps the shore, and the isle continues into the sea,Mnemosyne head only - drawing we are all an integral part of each other.  The very air between us is as alive as we are as we move through it – from earth to the farthest reach of space.

Touch a leaf and the stars vibrate.*

© Perle Champion


* “Touch a leaf on the tree and you have made all the stars vibrate with it. You may not be able to see it right now, but things are so deeply related that it impossible .not to touch the stars by touching a leaf. – Lieh Tzu – The Pathless Path

H is for Hale and Hearty Health.

Day 8 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is H
H is for Hale and Hearty Health.

hale walks hand in hand
hearty steps up the walk’s pace
spring hopes winter waits

There is nothing so limiting to personal freedom as ill health, and in this land of the green runfree, the personal freedom of a truly healthy body is eroding at every turn.

Some may consider the phrase Hale and Hearty somewhat redundant.  I do not.  Although they both allude to the health of a person, their meanings are subtly different.

I think the sum says more than the parts about a person’s Health.

  • Hale – free from disease
  • Hearty – strong, exuberant, vigorous.
  • Health – the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor.

I’ve known more than a few people free from disease, who were not hearty.  Without the Hearty (strength, vigor…) there cannot be total health.

© Perle Champion

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