Keep It Simple Saturday – KISS

It’s keep it simple Saturday – KISS.  I have no chores to do, no serious cooking to do.

Even when I had a husband, a child and a 5-day a week, 8-5 job, I always kept my weekends simplified down to point that I could:

  • Do what I want when I want
  • Go where I want or
  • Do nothing at all feet jaz aerie  1
  • Hang out on the balcony reading and sipping wine

It just takes a little planning and a few rules of the road. Here are mine.

Chores posted on the kitchen calendar and now in my iPhone calendar.

  1. Monday – Vacuum/Dust (usually evenings when I get home, dinners in oven on – I can produce a damned good meal in under 30 minutes)
  2. Tuesday – Laundry (drop dry cleaning on way to work/wash clothes after work)
  3. Wednesday – Clean and mop kitchen and bathroom
  4. Thursday – Cook and freeze larger recipes in portions for weekend and following week’s dinners.
  5. Friday – Cat box cleaned, Trash & Recycle to alley. (morning before 5-mile morning walk)

Rules to observe daily:

  • Put it back – if you take it out, put it back in its place.
  • Tidy it up – if the couch pillows are in disarray straighten them.
  • Make the bed before leaving the bedroom. (when married, last one up makes bed)
  • Put clothes away.  When you take off clothes, hang it up if clean, put dirty in hamper if dirty.
  • Rinse and put dishes in dishwasher immediately on finishing meal. (I kept rinsing dishes, pots, utensils as I went in food prep, and we’d clear the table together

Different families have different needs, so you list will be different from mine.  My list is more manageable now that it’s just the cat and I, but I keep to it religiously.  I love my guilt-free weekends of  dolce far niente

Do you have any shortcuts that make your life easier?

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