What’s the First Thing You Do Monday?

I’ve dubbed Monday, Monday Map Day.  The first thing I do Mondays is map out my week of To Do’s.  This is the beginning of the list that will probably grow as the week progresses. to do list journal

  1. Pre-write and schedule Blogposts for the week. Very important as I’ve committed to blogging daily for the BlogHer July Challenge.
  2. Outline or hand draft new essay/query for my Wednesday WriteNow 2-hour session at Lister Hill Library.
  3. Finish reading/reviewing Theodora Goss’s ARC of her new book: Songs for Ophelia. Started it Saturday while icing my injured right hand.  Making notes was a challenge.
  4. Paint.  Add new layer to paintings in progress.
  5. Add hangers to finished paintings, photograph and post to Etsy.  FU with Genie and Ree for 2 of them.
  6. Research markets for essay WIPs
  7. Polish 2 WriteNow projects and submit to magazines.

Take Mom to Doc and day out on Thursday.

Moving on to Tuesday and hoping this list doesn’t get too much longer.

What’s the first thing you do on Monday?

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