Leftover Makeover

The leftover cornbread dressing from Christmas dinner got even soggier sitting in the fridge since Thursday night. So, I gave it a makeover.

The dressing was a tad under spiced for my taste, so more sage, poultry seasoning, cracked black pepper, and salt.

Next I diced up 1/2 onion, small stalk of celery, 1/2 green bell pepper,
then i stirred in 1/2 C of leftover shredded yellow squash casserole, 6 leftover braised asparagus chopped into small pieces and mixed it all lightly with a fork.

I put the makeover into a hot oiled cast iron pan then into the oven at 360. After 30 min I dotted the top with butter and continued baking checking at 15 min then 10 and so on till bubbly and browned on top and around the edges. Yum taste and slightly scorched tongue.

Once it’s cooled, I’ll freeze half and reheat half for dinner tonight w/a piece chicken as I didn’t get any leftover turkey.



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