Summer has arrived

Well hell; I will miss nature coming thru my open window. The day has arrived. The temperature has reached summer. Up til now, the open doors and windows have kept my apt cool and comfy. But today I came home to a sauna.

Much as I hate to close it up and close out the sounds of the birds and breezes in the trees it’s time.

I closed all my windows, balcony and kitchen doors and turned on the ancient central air conditioners in this old place. Hate the droning hum of it, but I hate to be hot and sweaty more.

I’ll sleep in comfort, but no longer hear the distant sound of passing trains nor wake to birdsong right out side my bedroom window or the errant rainstorm when it comes or much of anything from the outside world.

I’ve reminded Jazzmine where her kitty door is in the window of my studio. Probably unnecessary, but she is older and hasn’t needed it in some time.
Summer is not my favorite season. Give me Fall, Winter and Spring. After y’all.


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