Accidental Dumpster Diving

Accidental dumpster diving. I took recycle and trash out to the alley this morning. And. I was amazed to find this perfectly good chair. This is a seriously well made, heavy, real wood chair. I washed it w Murphy’s Wood Soap and dried w paper towels.

Why do people do that. If I discard something someone else can use, I put it on that patch of grass next to the dumpster. Others just put things out on the front curb. Either way Nothing lasts more than a day in the city. One person’s trash, another’s treasure.

Glad I took trash out early. Talk about timing. 20 minutes later the truck was out back emptying the dumpster. This beauty would be in a landfill by the end of the day.

#photooftheday #chair #citylife #recycle #bohostyle #furniture #treasure #urbanstyle #birmingham #alabama #perlesaerie

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