Sunday, That’s My Funday

The moment the last days of the month can be seen on next month’s page, I impatiently fast forward to that page. I’m inking in all the things I’ve planned for December. Rather sparse this year with Rona roaming in our midst.

Yes, I have an iPhone calendar – but I still put everything on my kitchen calendar.  It’s on the small sliver of wall space next to the counter that holds the coffee pot and toaster. I like seeing my month at a glance as, I pour my first cup of dark brew. Mom says my coffee is more espresso-esque.

Last year’s calendar was doors as incentive to open new ones. This year I chose Sunrise & Sunsets.

Bacon is in the oven, as I’m too lazy to nurse it on the stovetop.

I miss hearing Jazzmine purring loudly in anticipation of a bite or two or three. She always sat in the chair across from me as the aroma filled the kitchen.  

I’m sipping my third cup of coffee, just poured my first glass of champagne and watching CBS Sunday Morning on the TV in the corner of the kitchen.

I love Sundays. Cheers y’all


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