Arrrggghhh – Technology – A love/hate relationship

I love my i-phone, I really do.  Since the fire last year, it is my only phone and modem to tether my laptop to the internet, as I did not replace my land line, nor my dsl.  But as with most technology, we only love it when it works for us.

This is not such a day. Suddenly and without warning, it is no longer my friend at least with phone calls.  Since about noon today, callers and callees either don’t hear me or hear me badly.  Didn’t drop it didn’t do anything to it, just suddenly going round a corner it sounded a bip, bip, bip (or sounds to that effect) and that as they say was that.

I spend a good 45 minutes on chat with AT&T, to no avail.  Bertha even called me and confirmed that, yes, it sounded awful as if I’m cutting out.  She hung up, the chat times out and she left me a voicemail, saying to call Apple and good luck. Ah, Customer service?

Of course, I’m a few weeks past the one year extended warranty.  I’m convinced that too much of what we buy today is built to fail at precisely that time – some kind of programmed obsolescence.

I’m turning it off to rest over night, and I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

“After all, tomorrow is another day!” quoth Scarlet.  Yes, Scarlet,  it is. I’m going out on the balcony to enjoy a glass of wine and a glorious sunset and I’ll figure this out tomorrow.



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