Diet Laughing

Laughing burns calories.  A double helping of Cosby is good for you!

When you laugh, your heart beats faster, blood pressure rises temporarily; you breathe deeper and oxygenate more blood; your body Imagereleases endorphins – natural painkillers and you produce more immune cells.  You burn 78 times as many calories as in a resting state.  Your diaphragm, facial muscles and internal organs all get an internal massage.

After laughing, muscles and arteries relax, which eases pain; lowers blood pressure, and drops your pulse to below normal.

Sign up for the joke of the day, read the funnies instead of the news, tune in to a comedy instead of a crime show, or search YouTube for funny pet videos.

So, along with feeding your body better food, and getting your daily walk, laugh a little.

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