How to start an internet business from home?

I attended a webinar on internet business last night given by Ryan Deiss, and it was worth my $49 buy-in for the print workbooks alone.  Even the 60 minute mini-webinar was worth it, until we hit the sell-up.

I expected it and considered the pitch until, BAM! came put-downs and deprecating remarks of how if you don’t have the sense to realize how good a deal this is, then you ‘don’t really want to be successful, we don’t want you here’…etc., etc.  I listened awhile longer, but the condescending, derogatory tone continued.

It’s a shame really, but my defense against abuse of any kind went up.  I am not afraid or stupid or any less because I don’t want to invest hundreds more dollars with you before I’ve tried out what I’ve already bought.

So, I wielded my épée, my mouse, and with great satisfaction I clicked the X and vanquished the offensive rhetoric.

I’m sure Mr. Deiss made many up-sales, probably mostly men trying to prove that they’re not one of ‘those’.

So there! is never a valid reason to buy anything.  Proving your worth by spending money you’ve been cudgelled into spending proves nothing except you can be intimidated and feel you have something to prove.

The only thing I have to prove – and I sincerely hope I can – is that the information my$49 bought works as promised and improves my livelihood.



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