Day 2 NaNoWriMo & NaBloPoMo

No words today on NaNo, so I’ll have to double up tomorrow.  The Blog however is an easier write as it’s just a conversation to whoever out there cares to listen.

Once a week I take Mom anywhere and everywhere she wants to go, hence no time to write. Today we started off with the Von Maur grand opening at Riverchase Galleria.  Gorgeous store – think Parisian’s squared and then some.

The president of Von Maur stores, while doing the ribbon cutting thought to endear himself to the Alabama crowd and ended his remarks with ‘Roll Tide’, to which several folks in the waiting crowd hollered out ‘War Eagle’. He looked confused but said ‘yeah that too’ but turning to one of his assistants soto voce said, ‘I have no idea what that means’.  Bless his heart. IMG_1814 - Copy

While Mom was in shoes, I stopped by to thank him for the roses, chocolates, etc. and to let him know that if he wanted to impress the crowd he had to give equal time to Auburn and Alabama.

Jaz red 3


We spent a good  2 hours in the store, then to Ruby Tuesdays for the appetizer platter and beer or two.  Several more stores followed, ending at Mom’s by 6ish and I’m now home.  Beyond posting this Blog which I promised myself I would do every day in November, I am going to curl up on the couch with Jazmine (cat) , a glass of wine and a book, and maybe PBS in the background – the young inspector Morse is on and I’ve only missed 30 minutes.

Manana y’all.






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